Shell-Programmierung für Unix und Linux


Unix Shellprogrammierung
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Carl Hanser Verlag, 2006
third enhanced edition

Rainer Krienke

329 pages
ISBN-10: 3-446-40737-5
ISBN-13: 978-3-446-40737-4


This books is a profound introduction to Unix shell programming. The five most common shells are discussed here: bourne-shell and bourne again-shell, korn-shell, C- and TC-shell. Starting with the discussion of features common to each member of the two classes of shells (bourne-shell and c-shell classes) everything of importance to write a useful script is discussed in detail.

The reference part of this book helps the reader to find information quickly. A comparison of the most important features of shells helps the reader to decide by which shell his needs are fulfilled best.
In addition to the in depth description of the shell the book also contains an introduction of the most important unix utilities and other concepts that can be used in shell scripts. Utilities like awk, sed, find and others are introduced in the book as well as the use of regular expressions.

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