Diplom Informatiker Rainer Krienke, born in 1963.

After I finished school in 1984 I started to study computer science at the university of koblenz. I finished my academic study  in 1990 and started a job at the universities data center called GHRKO. My key activities in this job are systemadminstration especially on linux server and clients and user support. Besides this I did some training for external companies in the area of Unix and I published several books that deal with unix related subjects.


Linux is also the operating system of choice for my private desktop and notebooks. I use it as well to manage all of my photos and to convert RAW camera files into jpg.

Another hobby is collecting weather data of my region. Again the software I wrote for this purpose is running on linux. You can see the result of this software in form of a graphical display of current and historical weather data.  You can find more information about this subject using the link from above.