Taking photos has been my passion since my childhood days and still is today. Back then the photocamera was still a little smaller than now and from the technical point of view the photos were not as good as today but the joy making photos since these day remained the same.

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If you click on the filmstrip from above a new window will open and you can view my choice of my best photos on 500px.  You can also visit my Google+ -Profile to see my photos.

My equipment consists of a Nikon D750 DSLR including the following lenses:

  • Nikkor AF-S 24-85 1:3.5-4.5G ED Normalobjektiv
  • Nikkor AF-S 70-300 1:4.5-5.6G Telezoom
  • Nikkor AF-S 20mm 1:1.8G ED
  • Samyang 14mm 1:2.8 ED AS IF UMC
  • Sigma 50mm 1:2.8 DG MACRO D

With these lenses almost every situation can be managed quite well. Only when travelling I sometimes wished I had a perfect superzoom (eg 18-200) and would not have to change lenses again and again but on the other hand when I tried such a superzoom I was never really impressed by its optical qualities.