Kommunikation unter Linux


Programmieren in Perl 2. Auflage
Gro├čes Bild


Rainer Krienke


739 pages,
ISBN 3-935922-63-9


Communication is a key concept of todays shapes of data and information exchange. This books offers a systematic presentation of communication used most often in daily life with linux. It is not written for the network expert but for everyone who wants to make use of all the communication forms linux offers most easily.

The book is structured into seven chapters: Grundkonfiguration (e.g. provider configuration via Modem, ISDN and TDSL), Datenkommunikation (e.g. Modem basics, everything about sending and receiving a fax by modem and ISDN, direct serial communiaction), Internet-Dienste (e.g. tools for offline web browsing and mail and news reading, setup of a FTP and PPP server), Audiokommunikation (ripping audio Data to MP3 or Ogg Vorbis Files, setup of an answering machine based on a modem or ISDN), Videokommunikation (e.g. use of TV, Radio and videotext in Linux, Video Players in Linux, recording of video material and video streaming) and Rechnervernetzung ohne Netzwerkkarte (using your computers parallel or infrared port for computer networking and an in depth introduction to wireless LANs).

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For your information, you can download the table of contents (PDF-file, 32KByte) of this book. Here you can take a look at selected parts from Chapter 3 (PDF; 168KBytes), Chapter 4 (PDF; 141KBytes) und Chapter 7 (PDF; 483Kbytes), all in german.


Corrections of Errors in the 2. edition.


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