Programmieren in Perl


Programmieren in Perl
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Carl Hanser Verlag, 1.edition 1998

Rainer Krienke

2. enhanced edition
306 Pages, ISBN 3-446-22013-5


This books offers is a profound introduction to Perl, the probably most widespead and platform independent scripting language known. Step by step the reader is introduced to Perl, with lot of examples that help the reader to understand the basic concepts of Perl.

In the later chapters the book discusses more advanced material e.g. object oriented programming and signal handling and process control in Perl. The last part of the book consists of a reference for the language and the Perl-standard library.

Online text samples

You can take a look at the table of contents (PDF-file, 58KBytes)of this book and read a part of chapter 2 (PDF-file, 210KBytes) and chapter 10 (PDF-file, 54 KBytes).You can also download all the examples of the book as a single tar file.


Corrections for typos in the second as well as the first edition are available.


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